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Welcome to the 100 Metres Collection for Women:

From this page you can view all the differant ranges that go to make up the 100 Metres womens collection.

Simply click on an image to view all the items available in that range.

Jacquard Ladder Shawl £159.00
Large Picot Frill Collar
Off Center Ladder Shawl

Picot Frill Collar
Plated Collar
Stripe Scarf Range
Price on Request
Picot Frill Shawl
Price on Request
Tuck and Stripe
Price on Request
All Ladders Shawl
Dotty Range
from £35.50
Crazy Ladders Shawl
Price on Request
Rothko Ladders Shawl
Shreddy Shawl
from £41.25
The Ruff
Price on Request
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large picot frill collar lifestyle shot
plated collar lifestyle shot
crazy ladders lifestyle shot
tuck and stripe lifestyle shot
off centre ladder shawl tobacco and mushroom
picot frill shawl lifestyle shot
all ladders lifestyle shot
rothco lifestyle shot
picot frill collar lifestyle shot
stripe scarf lifestyle shot
dotty lifestyle shot
shreddy shawl lifestyle shot
jaquard lifestyle shot